Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Bootcamp & Babies!

I started bootcamp today, seejanegetfit.com, so far my butt hasn't been kicked yet, but it is only day two. I'll keep ya updated. Here is one of the reasons for bootcamp. I don't have a ton of pix of him yet, but I'm getting there.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Steven Segal and Grey Goose Vodka

Mykan, I say just clean up the book real well and nobody but us will ever know. Sad to say, but I'd be surprised if that's the first book returned to the library with poop on it.

So for this story to make sense you should know I'm pregnant, 4 months along with our first baby. I don't think most of the Club V girls know this yet (I'm a bit slow at passing along the news). Because I have a tendency to procrastinate and not finish projects I start, I decided to jump head first into organizing things once out of my first trimester. I've been obsessing over what and how much I'll need of everything, so I decided to start with registering for gifts and asked my husband to come along so he felt included in everything.

He was a really good sport about it, provided I humor him. He immediately insisted on complete control of the scanner, which was fine. Until he started jumping around corners with it held out like a gun, Steven Segal style. Whether there were people in the aisle or not. I had to keep an eye out for any surface that you could write on, like those magnetic screen toys, because when given the chance he'd write "Help I've been kidnapped" on each one. Then when I checked out the registry online later, I noticed we were registered for an awful lot of the most expensive booze Target carries. That's in addition to the jokes he loudly cracked in Babies R Us that are probably too awful to include in this post, and frequently telling the baby he's planning on eating it when it's born. And we're not even halfway through the pregnancy.

On a book-related note, a friend sent me a link to Shelfari.com, and I sent a link to the ladies of Club V. You can list the books you're reading, recently read, rate them, see what others are reading, it looks pretty cool.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Library users beware!

First off, CONGRATULATIONS to Lara and family on the arrival of adorable Eli. Thanks for e-mailing photos -- now you just have to post a couple here (like you have time for that, I'm sure).

Second, evidently I am the only one here with a humiliating life. Where are your dark confessions, ladies? Here's my latest. It's too icky to post a photo, so text will have to suffice . . .

Yesterday Mila and I went to the library, where she promptly dirtied her drawers. As the back of my car was full of mama junk, I had to change her over the front console. Upon arriving home several errands later, I piled our books, a sippy cup, my purse, and other flotsam into a bag of new shirts, thus enabling myself to get inside in one trip. This, next to the aforementioned acrobatic diaper change, was the great accomplishment of my day.

Sadly, things quickly went downhill: Emptying the bag, I spotted a suspicious smear on one of the books. Something brown. And stinky. Yup, Mila's poop had somehow found its way onto a library book -- and god knows what else; I haven't dared do a full sniff search yet.

Caleb assures me that this is not something I have to report to Dewey Decimal, but who wants to take the word of someone who plays with urine for a living? So, fellow friends of the public library, please advise: should I confess, buy a replacement, or just hit the thing with another round of bleach and consider my conscience (if not the book) clean???

Friday, December 21, 2007

Someone wasn't too happy to meet Santa last night at the Children's Museum, maybe Santa had bad breath or something...

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Here are a couple of pix from the redneck fest that was held this past weekend. The first one is a friend and his Jeep on the pile of wood for the bonfire. The second is the chemical reaction when you put garden hose in a copper pipe and heat it up, the colors are amazing.

Friday, November 2, 2007


Below is a photo of the jack-o-lanterns, proudly displayed on our porch, that we carved with some friends. Take a close look -- do you notice anything amiss?

How about now?

Yes. This pumpkin glowed all Halloween evening for innocent trick-or-treaters to see, and it wasn't until I went to blow out the candles that I realized what I'd put on display. Though it's true that our 'hood only attracts the most desperate and degenerate candy seekers, never again will we invite one of Caleb's urology buddies over for pumpkin carving!

P.S. - If they arrest me for displaying obscene materials to minors, can we hold book club in jail?

Friday, October 19, 2007

Photoshoot Pfriday

It was finally a nice sunny day to get out of the house, it has been rainy and dreary all week and I think that I was starting to get cabin fever. Sebastian and I enjoyed a morning at Elmwood Park, and we were the only ones there (for a while at least)! That doesn't happen too often. Here are a couple of pix of him enjoying the run of the park. I met a lady who was pushing her little girl on the swings later and she reminded me of "Digging to America" she was an older mom with an eight month old little girl who looked to be Asian. - Lara